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About our company

Each person should have their own sense of style and decor, according to DBZBeds. DBZBeds constantly works to improve its aesthetic, and we will never compromise on the calibre of our carefully curated selection. With one goal in mind, DBZBeds are developed to enable everyone to experience wonderful sleeping conditions.

Since our modest beginnings, we have developed into the retailer of choice for many clients for beds, mattresses, and headboards.

We have a wide selection of items to pick from, so you may discover the ideal bed and/or mattress to make your bedroom your favourite space in the house, no matter what your preferences are in terms of colours, materials, style, etc.

All of our DBZBeds include free chrome gliders. Oak look storage facilities are also standard on all of our luxurious beds. Depending on your preferences and where you want them on the bed, the storage can include one to four drawers.

The importance of selecting the best DBZBeds

At DBZBeds, we can assist you in designing the ideal bed for you as you decide on the sort of bed based on size and colour.
We specialise in finding the ideal beds. Because we think its crucial that you see exactly what you get in every one of our photos, none of them have been photo-edited.

Our carefully curated selection of beds has been chosen with the customers preferences and sleeping needs in mind.

Our helpful staff is always available to assist you in selecting the ideal beds for you.

Whether its the house range or the crushed velvet selection, all of our fabrics have been chosen with the newest current appearance and design. They are of the finest quality and comply with all fire safety rules.

Superior customer service

  • We not only offer the highest products but also top-notch customer support to make sure your complete buying experience is satisfying.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, either before or after placing an order with us. Our goal is to offer customers service that is just as nice as a restful nights sleep.


We Offer A Variety Of Colors And Sizes For Our Velvet Range. The Mattress In This Picture Is Of Our 2000 Buckingham Gold Edition.


All pictures taken by dbzbeds.co.uk including this tinsel top (size double) set


Supreme Vertically Paneled Headboard Comes In Many Colors And Sizes To Ensure You Get The Right Frame And Bed To Suit You. Pictured Headboard Above Stands At 26 In Height.


Gun Grey Velvet Edition Comes With Wooden Draws With A Reinforced Base. You Also Get The Option To Choose Between Chrome Feet Or Caster Wheels.


Our Best Selling, Record Braking Grey DBZ Beds. Guaranteed Satisfaction with Customisable Draws To Fit Your Needs. Appropriate For Most Rooms That Have Varied Styles.

Why purchase beds from dbzbeds.co.uk

DBZBeds has always prioritised the needs of the consumer, and we think the bed's appearance and construction should meet the greatest standards. We guarantee that our quality will not be matched at a more reasonable price.

You can read several reviews from customers who have bought our beds and heard about their buying experience.

Always keep an eye out for additional discounts on certain products.

To learn more about our selection of beds, get in touch with us right away.